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The Academy is a 9am-3pm Monday to Friday soccer experience (Half day is optional). Designed to follow the daily schedule of a Football Academy environment. Players will get a chance to improve their technical, tactical, mental and physical abilities in this unique environment. 

The aim of The Academy is to give players a full 360 insight into soccer on a daily plan. We will be educating and improving players both on and off the field.

This year we are proud to be running The Academy Camp at the new Pingry Pottersville Campus (Formally the Purnell School) located at 51 Pottersville Rd, Pottersville, NJ 07979.



The Football Academy NJ is proud to partner with The Pingry School, Soccer.com and Adidas to help create a better product for The Academy. Soccer.com will provide each player with an Academy Adidas Uniform.



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The Academy PROGRAM overview


  • Players born 2013 to 2005

Players will receive 

  • The Academy Uniform

  • Bag

  • Lunch

  • 2 Set of regeneration snacks and drinks

  • Provided fluids for the day


  • Week – August 9th to 13th

Cost Break Down 

  • Full Day $599

  • Half Day - $349

The FA Players will receive a $50 discount for The Academy.

For more information on The Academy Program please contact us at info@thefootballacademynj.com


  • Led by The Football Academy NJ President and Technical Director

  • Guest coaches. We will have guest academy coaches come in to run sessions and pass on different ideas and methodology to the players

  • We will have trained instructors to help with S&C, injury prevention

  • Yoga to lead our stretching and recovery sessions


  • Weekly speakers who are leaders in their fields such as:

  • High School Coaches, Leaders in NJ Soccer, Ex-Professional Soccer Players and more.

  • Classroom sessions to understand the 4 pillars of the game

  • On and off field education

  • Recovery Education for after games and Practices


11:45am Classroom learning

12:30 Lunch

1pm Rest/Regen time / Half Day Dismissal

1:15pm Team Building Learning

1:45pm Afternoon Session

2:40 Afternoon Competition

2:55pm Regen snack

3pm Dismissal


8:50am Arrival

9am Morning briefing 

9:15am Head to the field  

9:20am Morning Body Activity – Yoga

9:50am Morning session

11:20am Session end and cool down

11:30am Regen snack

This is what a day in the Academy would look like. All 5 days are different so this is just an example of 1 day.

A day in the academy