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The FA-NJ will be offering a year round Futsal Academy. We feel Futsal is an important learning tool that helps players overall technical ability.

The FA - FUTSAL will be offering seasonal clinics as well as a Winter Select Futsal Academy Team. 


Why Futsal? What are the benefits of using Futsal as a supplemental training resource? 

Here are a few reasons to consider Futsal:


  • Improves players decision making skills 

  • Provides players with more touches on the ball

  • The heavier ball increases the power of players 

  • It develops the confidence in players to go 1v1 against their opponent

  • Due to the quick pace and small area, players will improve their speed of play

  • Around 600% more involvement in a Futsal Match per player


We will be offering a Winter Select team that will play in local tournaments and will compete in the Futsal State Cup.


All Futsal session will be held on our very own Futsal Court at our home facility Florham Park Sports Dome and Events Center  


The Junior Academy is a pathway into our Futsal program. We will work on teaching all the fundamentals of the game of Futsal as well as all techniques needed to play the game. This program is geared towards individual development so players will be on a ball for the majority of the session. The program is designed to focus on dribbling, skills, 1v1 and 2v2 situations.

Futsal Junior Academy is for U6 and U7 Players.


If you are looking for small group training to work on specifics or if your team is looking to get another session in we can provide the proper sessions to help these groups. 


Coming Soon.


Our winter select program is invite only and players must tryout for the program. We will have boys and girls teams from U8 to U18. They will play for 10 weeks of the winter and will play in local Futsal tournaments as well as compete in the Futsal State Cup. 


The Futsal Clinics are designed to teach the game of Futsal. These clinics are designed for players to have a ball at their feet for the majority of the session to improve their repetition. Players will improve their speed of play, dribbling technique, skills and turning speeds, pass and ball striking technique. 

Junior Sessions are for U8 to U11 and Senior is for U12 to U14


Futsal select is open to all players. Our Futsal select program will run weekly throughout the year. This is aimed at higher level players who have played Futsal in the past. Players who are involved in our Futsal Select program will be evaluated so they do not need to tryout for Winter select.

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